When do I have to see a doctor?

Are you often tired during the day even though you have slept long enough? This can be a symptom of sleep apnea. Because the disease often goes undetected and can have serious health consequences, it is important to take signs and symptoms seriously.

How is sleep apnea diagnosed?

To find out if you have sleep apnea, the first thing you should do is see your doctor.

There are two medically sound methods available to diagnose and measure sleep apnea:

  • The polygraphy performed at home.
  • The polysomnography that takes place in the sleep laboratory.
Measurement at home

Polygraphy is the so-called "small measurement"

In the doctor's office, different cables are laid on you. At home you can go to sleep with it as usual. Various values are measured and recorded for at least 6 hours: heart rhythm, oxygen content in the blood, respiratory flow (mouth and nose) and your body position.

Measurement in the sleep laboratory

With polysomnography (PSG), your physiological functions are extensively measured during sleep. As a rule, you are stationary in a sleep laboratory, where various physical parameters are monitored: