The first study found significant improvements

In the first study, the patients were divided into two groups: the first used the Asate therapy, while the second went about their usual everyday life.

After the specified duration of the training, it could be proven that the Asate therapy had a positive effect on snoring and sleep apnea: The effectiveness was confirmed.

Professor Dr. med. Milo Puhan from the University of Zurich was responsible for setting up the study protocol, collecting data and publishing it in the British Medical Journal. He coordinated the cooperation between all parties involved.

Alex Suarez was co-author and responsible for the therapy program, instructing and accompanying the patients.

Asate therapy reduces fat in the throat

The second study aimed to find out why the Asate therapy had a positive effect. For this purpose, sleep medical examinations and MRT examinations (magnetic resonance tomography) were carried out.

It was shown that the fat content in the throat of the test subjects was significantly reduced by using the Asate therapy.

Professor Dr. med. Milo Puhan (University of Zurich) summarized both studies and confirmed the results.

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MRI before exercise
MRI after exercise

Award from Harvard University

Since 1991 the so-called «Small Nobel Prize» has been awarded at Harvard University. It is awarded to scientists who distinguish themselves through exceptional research.

Alex Suarez and his research team received the prestigious award in 2017 for their revolutionary research approach.

Publication of the study in the British Medical Journal

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) is a medical, scientific journal. It is considered required reading for doctors and is read by more than 333,000 medical professionals worldwide.

The results of the first study were published in the British Medical Journal in 2005. Alex Suarez was involved as a co-author.

British Medical Journal