Training app

the core

With the help of the Silent Sleep Training App you can get to know the instrument and the playing technique in a simple and uncomplicated way. As soon as you have connected your Medical Didgeridoo® to the app, you can start: Various exciting games are waiting for you. They enable you to train specifically and effectively.


The app will accompany you right from the start and guide you step by step through the course and support you in your daily training.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the app understands what you are playing and helps you train properly and effectively.

The 3 phases of your training

6 days a week à

15 minutes


In this phase you reduce your sleep apnea and your snoring. You train for 15 minutes 6 days a week. This training phase lasts between 6 and 24 weeks. How long the phase lasts for you depends on your AHI value (apnea-hypopnea index).


In this phase you consolidate the progress you have made. You only train for 15 minutes 2 days a week. This training phase lasts 8 weeks.


2 days a week à

15 minutes

2 days per month à

15 minutes


Congratulations! You have reached the maintenance phase: In this phase it is sufficient if you train twice a month for 15 minutes in order to maintain the successes you have achieved in the long term.

The workout

The games while training not only promise fun, the training effect is achieved in combination with the Medical Didgeridoo®.

Note: The Medical Didgeridoo®, used without games, has no effect on your throat muscles.

In the video on the right you can see what to expect when you train.

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